Traces of Me

Hi you guys!! I wanted to write  a little of myself. I am studying history, I love learning about the  past, and how the earth evolved and changed. I love reading history, and can’t believe things happened before I was born. Pictures taken of the past, frozen for that one moment. I have been studying history for over 9 years, and I am into the holocaust and world war II.  My mother was born in Chile, and she grew up  in Chile and Australia. My love for my child, family and love of the for reading, keeps me happy. I grew up all over the world, I love learning about people culture, or way of life. I am hoping to travel next year, no I will. Some of the challenges of a single mom, is having that freedom, that pleasure to save up for that holiday. I grew up, with my father in the military. I love overseas, and I feel sometimes it was a dream. I think when I met a guy in the past, they never showed me their true selves. I think they have a mask on in the beginning, and for me I always trusted, what was in front of me.  I haven’t been out for awhile, just to the movies, and bookstore, does that count? No, lolol. My brother, said I need to go out to a lounge, or club. Honestly, I think for a single mom, you have to push yourself to go out. I will though, I feel if I was overseas, it would be easier to date, because the guys are more forward, and approaching. The guys here, it’s not like how it was  back then. Open the door for you, pay for your food. My ex, the guy I was seeing, opened the door, he had the smile, but he was playing a game. He wasn’t all bad, there was some nice qualities. But you have to think to yourself, and write. What weighs more, the bad or the good?

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