SecretsTrust? Today I was talking to someone that was having issues with his girlfriend. He wants go out, but his girlfriend doesn’t want him to hang out with his friends. It reminded me of my Ex-boyfriend, he was always accusing me of having other boyfriends. When I am with that person, I am with that person. Before I met him, I had complete trust in a guy, what he said, I believed. When I met this one, I will just call him, Mr. X. When I met him, I was dating him almost a year, I never went to his house, he never mentioned his son name, and he never talked too much about his past. He never opened up anything too much about himself. I did ask him, why can’t I see your house? He said, “I don’t want you to stalk me.” I thought, “Really??? You think I am that type, I don’t know what situation you had, I am not that way.” He always compared me to his exes, and they did the same things I did, say “I will miss you.” I didn’t like to be compared, or he would say,” They all did that.” He would tell me stories of how his ex would cheat on him. “I am not like that,” I told him, “Don’t compare me to your exes.” Because he was so secretive, I wasn’t sure if he was seeing someone else or not, I wasn’t trusting him fully. If you keep secrets, they will eventually come to the surface. If he left his phone out, and there was a call, I would try to see the phone. He one time sent a message to my phone about house items he was going to give me..I thought, but the message wasn’t for me. He said the message was for his mechanic. Because of the secrets he kept, he never gave me a chance, and deep down I felt he was talking to someone else. I feel in a relationship you have to keep the communication open, and the trust has to be there. When you keep secrets your partner won’t be able to trust you. Eventually, if we had an argument I wouldn’t say anything, because he wouldn’t understand me, and he would continue to argue, so nothing wasn’t resolved, just brush under the rug. My next relationship, I will trust, but I will be aware of the signs.
I was going to also tell you when you should sleep with your partner. I feel guys that wine you and dine you, want something in return. With my ex, I told him, I don’t do anything the first night. If you do, it shows your to easy. You should be with the person you like, when you feel right. If a guy gets upset, because you told him to wait, he is only out for one thing. That is what happen to me, I felt he didn’t want it to be serious, because he wanted to have fun, he couldn’t give a straight answer about his feelings towards me, couldn’t talk about the future. We are both grown adults, so..if you wait a week or few days that’s fine, so what does that say, about you… I felt I didn’t know when it was a good time, I know only when the time was right, and I felt comfortable. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, because you won’t feel right afterwards…
Stay True to You….

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