My blog was going to be about history, but I think it will be also about Relationships. I am a single mom, and I haven’t had a real relationship for a very long time. It’s sometimes hard juggling job, kids, school, and having time for yourself.  I am 36, biracial. My mother is Spanish and my father is African American. I think I am pretty, but it’s been so hard to meet that special guy. It was so easy when I was younger, didn’t have to do much. I feel now, I don’t know how to flirt, I might need to take  Do I do online thing, or not. I don’t want to, because there is a lot of weird guys. The last guy hurt me really bad, I finally opened myself up, my life, my child, and I found out he was playing a game. He wanted me to change myself, to be what he wanted me to be. He didn’t want a serious relationship, and was not willing to open up. He never said anything romantic towards me, no holding hands in public.   It’s hard being a single mom, but this experience makes you stronger. In relationships, communication is the key, and laughter. As a single mom, you are juggling so much, you forget to just be goofy. I am trying to find that for myself, the last relationship, he broke my heart, I took the relationship serious, for him, I don’t give a f$$##.  I love history, finishing my classes to be a historian. Ladies, if you get hurt by a guy just stay busy in the things you love. Sometimes, I do, start thinking of my ex, and I can’t believe it, I think”he did all these things, you still like him.”  I do want to go on date, to the movies. What are the secrets to lasting love, lasting relationship?  I will post on Friday about this.  I am still hurting, but healing. It’s taking awhile, but I  want to start healing. I hope I am helping someone.

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