Rejection. Something about that word, hurts. I felt rejection first in HighSchool.  I liked this guy, he flirted with me all the time. But he wouldn’t go out with me.  When he went out with someone else, I was hurt. I had asked him, “what about us?”  He .didn’t want to, and didn’t know why. I told my sister the other day, she said, “I didn’t put out.” Is that why? I think that’s what it was? What do you think, my readers out there? I couldn’t understand, I was nice, pretty, everything a guy would I am older, I still felt it in my past relationships. The last guy I was dating, he left me, after 8 months, he needed space. I felt rejected, is it because I am not thin enough? What did I do? I still sometimes think that. I read an article by a doctor, she said sometimes it’s not you, it’s the person itself. They are dealing with something within themselves, that they can’t handle anything else. I do believe that, I do believe it was  him. I’m not perfect, but I didn’t do anything, The article said, remind yourself your great qualities about yourself every morning. That’s what I’ll do.

If You were born in July, 1-22, Cancer Zodiac. identified by their emotional and intimate nature.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

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