Quote of the day: “When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you.” by kelly M.
Hi you guys!  I wanted to talk to you about something. Today, I was reading the news, and there was an article  about a famous public figure, already with a girlfriend, didn’t he just get a divorce? No, I am not talking about the president. lol. I mean,  there is no grieving or respect for the other one? How long before you start dating. For me, it would take me time, because the memories are still fresh. I remember a time, when I had given up everything for this guy I was dating long ago. We dated almost four years. He loved surfing, I would sit on the beach for hours, till the sun went down waiting for him. I cooked for him, and helped him, and I kinda lost myself. I moved down to central America for a little bit, because he wanted to start his beach house business. I felt alone, because I got no help in getting situated in a new country.  He loved surfing, so I would be sleeping, and he would already be at the beach, leaving  me at the house. He didn’t help me get situated, I ended up going back to the United States. I told him  I wanted to stay in the U.S., and he didn’t want to. We broke up, we cried, and he said I was the best girlfriend. The next day, I called him, and he seemed okay, wasn’t sad. I was so so surprised, and he said, ” I was sad yesterday, what do you want me to do?” It does hurt, when you give all of yourself and nothing in return. I believe you both have to give in a relationship.  I did go on a few dates later on, but no relationship.  I think there is no time, it can be anytime, it depends when you were done in the relationship, when you checked out.
Story of the day:  My friend was dating a guy for 3 years. She heard rumors he had another woman. He told her, he had no other woman. One day, she went to a concert with friends. On the boardwalk, she saw a couple pass by. Who was it….her man holding hands with another woman. He casually said “HI”, and went on by.  Really??

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