Rejection. Something about that word, hurts. I felt rejection first in HighSchool.  I liked this guy, he flirted with me all the time. But he wouldn’t go out with me.  When he went out with someone else, I was hurt. I had asked him, “what about us?”  He .didn’t want to, and didn’t know why. I told my sister the other day, she said, “I didn’t put out.” Is that why? I think that’s what it was? What do you think, my readers out there? I couldn’t understand, I was nice, pretty, everything a guy would I am older, I still felt it in my past relationships. The last guy I was dating, he left me, after 8 months, he needed space. I felt rejected, is it because I am not thin enough? What did I do? I still sometimes think that. I read an article by a doctor, she said sometimes it’s not you, it’s the person itself. They are dealing with something within themselves, that they can’t handle anything else. I do believe that, I do believe it was  him. I’m not perfect, but I didn’t do anything, The article said, remind yourself your great qualities about yourself every morning. That’s what I’ll do.

If You were born in July, 1-22, Cancer Zodiac. identified by their emotional and intimate nature.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Airport Drama

If your man isn’t giving you the attention you deserve, and is always busy. Find out if he really is the one for you,  I wasted my time on a few. If someone wants to be in a relationship they would try. I want to tell you a story.  I worked at an airport, where there was always drama between employees, and yes..between flight attendants and pilots. A lot of them that were in a relationship, flew together.   I use to like a guy, that was going to marry a pilot. I always saw him, and her. He was so nice, and easy to talk to, I think i tried once, to convince him not to marry. I liked him a lot. It was always me into the guy, and not the other same around.

Wrong or Right

I sometimes don’t know what I am doing wrong in the relationships, or where I meet these guys that are very disrespectful and hurtful. I see my brother, he seemed to do everything right, married and happy. I was watching a show, and this woman said, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love anybody else.”  I believe in fate, and everyone has that soul mate. I don’t want grow old with someone, and share my life with. I was watching this show “90  day finance, ” and I feel sad for a few couples. If you have the red signs, and you choose to ignore, the relationship isn’t going to turn out good. It’s been awhile since I was on a date, I wonder when?

Mirror Image

I forgot to tell my friend I couldn’t make it to her party. I am so tired for work, and I got my son over my parents house. Today, I am relaxing at home, and I thought of my ex, it comes and goes like a cloud covering the sun.I wonder if he is thinking of me or not. I had a friend tell me, that she knows someone that is dating a guy that is still married but separated. Would you date someone still in a relation with someone or trying to break away? I don’t think I can do it because, I will always wondering if he is cheating on me or going back to the other woman. If he isn’t fully broken away, then he is still in. I will end with this, to my next blog. I am hoping I am helping you or you can relate. I finished taking a shower, looked at myself, thought I like my curves, my stomach, uggg, I need to do more sit ups, and I hope the next guy likes me for me, and everything. I have a little stretch marks, I looked in the mirror, an couldn’t help think, my ex never said how beautiful I was, or if he liked my body. I just kept thinking, when we get to get ice cream or a treat, he would tell me, “you don’t really need to eat that.” He wanted someone superficial. I am bi racial, I think of myself beautiful, I know I wasn’t the same as I was young, I need to lose a little. But his words, lingers sometimes. Words are powerful. Next blog, I will talk about words and behind the meaning of it.

Is it a Relationship or Just Sex

It’s funny how you meet a guy, and you think it’s for the right reason. They are wanting to date, start a relationship. How do you know if it’s just sex or do they really want a relationship? In the beginning, it might be hard to tell, because it’s all good. He calls you, he wants to go on a date, and then what? I am not giving you anything yet. You might think, “If I don’t sleep with him, he might leave or what will he think of me.” If you give it up, he might change. He might not call you as much, you are asking when are we going out, he doesn’t make much time for you. If he is calling you because he only wants one thing, usually at night, then he isn’t for you. If you are looking for a relationship, don’t sleep with him right away. I remember dating someone for a bit, I liked him, and I thought we were in a relationship, but he wasn’t making the time to hang out or go to the movies, he was always busy with work. I knew he wasn’t really having the same interest as me, and we went our separate ways. I was in a relationship where I didn’t wait awhile, and he changed after we slept together. He didn’t call as much, he would only have time in the evening, or he just didn’t make the time period. If you want a relationship, wait…before having sex.

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Hi Guys! I wanted to talk to you about my life in Italy. I grew up there,part of my life anyway. I love the guys there, they are handsome, and you feel the love or romance when they say, CIAO BELLA! lol. The guys there are bold, they will come up to you, or they will whistle. Why is the Italy known to be romantic, the guys there are romantic? The only issue I would see, is they might have a girlfriend already. I read an article about 4 signs that a relationship going to last. It said, Trust each other, support each other, hold each other accountable. Meaning, speaking your truth, and not staying quiet. The last it said,show physical love. As I was reading the article, my last relationship, didn’t have all this…Hmm..Something to think about.

Love, It’s so hard to stop

You know I love him so much, I knew he didn’t want a relationship, because I loved him, and I wanted to see him, I allowed him to come over, hang out. 🙂 second time, I allowed him back, and I knew it wasn’t a relationship, he wanted. But, he confused me sometimes, it felt like we were, but he wasn’t giving me a name for us. He wasn’t answering my question, “what are we?” He avoided it like a plague and then he would start an argument. I knew…it hurt me so much that he used me, twice. First time, playing the part as a boyfriend, but it seemed he didn’t want to be chained up, tied up. I am confused, when a guy says he doesn’t want a committed relationship. He wants to see other women, have fun? What? It does hurt still, because I knew I wasn’t telling him, No. It was the hope, the hope. I am thinking he is with someone else, doing the same thing.

Date? or not to Date, That’s the Question.

I was watching this show about basketball wives, and this woman was going on a date, and sh said she didn’t know how to date. It’s been awhile for her. I could relate, because what is dating? If I like a guy, I go on a date and hope he calls me again. Do I go on other dates? When I like you, I am only seeing you. What is dating, I am kinda confused. You take me out, we have fun, laugh kiss, we see each other for a while. Do we sleep with each other? I am not, if you seeing multiple women. I just never that type to do that. My first relationship was when I was 18. It didn’t last. Then my relationship, lasted almost 5 years, I met him the first day, the next day he asked me to be his girlfriend. I don’t know how to date, I guess I am thinking of the old style dating. He is only interested in me, wants to and continue to see me, and see where it goes. One time, I met this guy at an airport, we started dating, I thought it was a relationship, later after we stop seeing each other, I found out I wasn’t the only one, what! I wonder, how can you can date multiple people, when you are not really taking the time in knowing the person. When I am interested in one person, it’s just that person I am seeing. What about You? How can guys date multiple people, and keep their emotions in check?? Let me know..I can’t do that.


It was nice, when he brought food over, or he got me perfume. He was so sweet. I also did things for him, like buy he favorite ice cream, made sure there was food in my fridge, that he liked. I asked him when we were relaxing, what he would like for Christmas, and he said, “Don’t buy me anything, if I don’t like it, I will return it.” Wow..really. It’s nice to have a guy that is stable. He might have four cars, money, and when you go out, you don’t need to pay for anything. He was playing a game, he used his gifts to get what he want, and a lot of women would just want the material things, and leave the feelings at home. For me, it was never about the material things. I loved him for him, and all his flaws, but I guess he wasn’t wanting a relationship with me. It does feel good when you can depend on your boyfriend, but if that person isn’t there emotionally, being affectionate, or saying loving words, why are you with me? I didn’t care about the material things, I have been by myself for a very long time, I was independent. It just would of been nice to have someone to lean on, and say I am here.I watch T.V., and sometimes jealous to see couples have that connection, wondering what it’s like. Or the guy is buying them anything they want, but there not appreciative. Material things are okay, but if you don’t have the communication, affection, and on the same page, it won’t work.


Hi you guys! I looked in the mirror, my hair is very thick, and messy. I am relaxed,because it’s not a work day. Do i put my hair up, my mom says stop putting it in a bun, but it’s the most I feel comfortable. I have never gone my comfort zone,which I should. It’s hot outside today, so I am going to have it up. I think I am beautiful without makeup, so I won’t go out, just some lipstick. Do you do things extreme, or do you stay where your most comfortable. This week coming up, I will give a random guy,a compliment, and see where that takes me. Living in different places around the world, I was use to guys approaching me, and giving me a compliment. I think being a single mom, guys might think I have someone already, which isn’t the case. “”Look at my ring finger guys, and see if I am married.” lol I’m not with someone yet. I am not use to flirting, I am so busy with just errands.I will this week, I will let my readers know what happens.