My Thoughts…

I have a broken’s mending.  I sometimes get this sadness inside, a moment, like a cloud covering the sun for a moment. I just gave so much of myself..I have to tell you something, I forgot to share. I allowed my ex back,  When he left me the first time, he wanted his space, the signs were there. He came back, and allowed it, and he left again, saying it’s over, because I asked a question, ” Are you talking to someone else?” There was something wrong with him, I am not perfect, but there was. I am the stupid one, second time around. I allowed it, because my heart still had feelings for him, although he never showed his, and he knew it. I don’t know if you have this feeling after a fall out with a guy, but I had questions like,  “What did I do wrong?”  I know I didn’t do anything, but I think it wasn’t working for him, commitment….

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