Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall….

photo of woman looking at the mirror
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

How do you suppose to look when you want to meet someone?  I waked up in the morning, early, before waking my son up for school. I make his lunch, get his clothes, I shower. I always, look in the mirror, how should I put my hair?  I put my makeup in the car sometimes, because it’s hard getting out of the house with a 9 year old. I need to make an effort, because you never know, today might be the day I meet my love. Lol. But, I sometimes put lipstick, and eyeliner. I have good skin,  I don’t put too much. I like putting on makeup, and I want to look good for myself because it make me feel good.  I do have my days, where  I don’t like my appearance.  I think guys judge, just as much as women.  Is online dating easier, because you get to know the personality first. My ex wanted me to have my hair a certain way, lipstick color, everything. You don’t need to change yourself for someone to like you. Take care of yourself, love yourself for you. He should think your beautiful in sweats. I feel it’s hard for me, because guys are looking for certain things, which is fine, because women want men that are tall, or short or bald. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, because I am pretty, smart, easy going. I am not thin or big, average. I do have his, I might need to work on my stomach little bit, but I am beautiful. You have to love yourself, and confidence. After all I been through,I still have hope that my man will come. I do get down about myself sometimes, and I  need to try harder in the morning, with makeup. The most striking about me is my eyes. I have big eyes, I use to hate it, but I love it.  My ex made me have low self esteem, and never said  I was beautiful.  I am free from that situation, and focusing on loving me. So be confident in you, love  you. Your not alone, about how you might feel about yourself. If a guy wants to change you, he isn’t the one.

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