Mirror Image

I forgot to tell my friend I couldn’t make it to her party. I am so tired for work, and I got my son over my parents house. Today, I am relaxing at home, and I thought of my ex, it comes and goes like a cloud covering the sun.I wonder if he is thinking of me or not. I had a friend tell me, that she knows someone that is dating a guy that is still married but separated. Would you date someone still in a relation with someone or trying to break away? I don’t think I can do it because, I will always wondering if he is cheating on me or going back to the other woman. If he isn’t fully broken away, then he is still in. I will end with this, to my next blog. I am hoping I am helping you or you can relate. I finished taking a shower, looked at myself, thought I like my curves, my stomach, uggg, I need to do more sit ups, and I hope the next guy likes me for me, and everything. I have a little stretch marks, I looked in the mirror, an couldn’t help think, my ex never said how beautiful I was, or if he liked my body. I just kept thinking, when we get to get ice cream or a treat, he would tell me, “you don’t really need to eat that.” He wanted someone superficial. I am bi racial, I think of myself beautiful, I know I wasn’t the same as I was young, I need to lose a little. But his words, lingers sometimes. Words are powerful. Next blog, I will talk about words and behind the meaning of it.

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