Love, It’s so hard to stop

You know I love him so much, I knew he didn’t want a relationship, because I loved him, and I wanted to see him, I allowed him to come over, hang out. 🙂 second time, I allowed him back, and I knew it wasn’t a relationship, he wanted. But, he confused me sometimes, it felt like we were, but he wasn’t giving me a name for us. He wasn’t answering my question, “what are we?” He avoided it like a plague and then he would start an argument. I knew…it hurt me so much that he used me, twice. First time, playing the part as a boyfriend, but it seemed he didn’t want to be chained up, tied up. I am confused, when a guy says he doesn’t want a committed relationship. He wants to see other women, have fun? What? It does hurt still, because I knew I wasn’t telling him, No. It was the hope, the hope. I am thinking he is with someone else, doing the same thing.

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