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I remember my first kiss. I lived in Italy at the time, I had to be around 15 or 16. My friend wanted me to come with her on a  date with an Italian guy. A double date at the beach in the late afternoon.  I went with her, as I was hanging out with the guy, he asked me for  a kiss. I said, “No.”  He had asked me, “Okay, on the cheek then.”  I told him okay, but when I was leaning in towards his cheek, he turned his head, and kissed me, with tongue. lol.   I think kissing is part of the romance, and you have to be a good kisser, if not…bye. What does a kiss say? If he gives you a passionate kiss, he loves you. If he gives you pecks on the lip.. not really.  Ladies make sure, if you are dating someone, he kisses you in public, anytime. I was seeing someone that showed no intimate kiss in public. As a single mom, finding that love is hard.  When you are a single mom, you have to be careful to show any affection to the guy you like, around your child. If it’s been you and your daughter or son for a long time, move lightly…
Quote:” A man kiss is his signature.” by Mae West.
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