Just not into you….

Hi guys! I wanted to let you know,  and I think I told you,  I signed up for a dating  site, but it’s not going good. I want to meet someone, but sometimes my hearts not into it. I don’t know, if it’s because I was so hurt. I tried with one person, reach out, I exchanged a conversation with one guy. It was going good I thought, but he wasn’t responding much, and all of sudden, he left, it said, “moved on.” I don’t know if it was me, or what? I hate, a guy can’t be straight forward, and tell you how they feel or think, and just does it in a way, that leaves you saying, “what happened?” He was ugly anyway. Do we judge by looks first. I tend to do sometimes, it’s not good. I think how you appear to that person, plays a big part. What do you think?

Photo by kinkate on Pexels.com

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