Hi you guys! I looked in the mirror, my hair is very thick, and messy. I am relaxed,because it’s not a work day. Do i put my hair up, my mom says stop putting it in a bun, but it’s the most I feel comfortable. I have never gone my comfort zone,which I should. It’s hot outside today, so I am going to have it up. I think I am beautiful without makeup, so I won’t go out, just some lipstick. Do you do things extreme, or do you stay where your most comfortable. This week coming up, I will give a random guy,a compliment, and see where that takes me. Living in different places around the world, I was use to guys approaching me, and giving me a compliment. I think being a single mom, guys might think I have someone already, which isn’t the case. “”Look at my ring finger guys, and see if I am married.” lol I’m not with someone yet. I am not use to flirting, I am so busy with just errands.I will this week, I will let my readers know what happens.

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