It was nice, when he brought food over, or he got me perfume. He was so sweet. I also did things for him, like buy he favorite ice cream, made sure there was food in my fridge, that he liked. I asked him when we were relaxing, what he would like for Christmas, and he said, “Don’t buy me anything, if I don’t like it, I will return it.” Wow..really. It’s nice to have a guy that is stable. He might have four cars, money, and when you go out, you don’t need to pay for anything. He was playing a game, he used his gifts to get what he want, and a lot of women would just want the material things, and leave the feelings at home. For me, it was never about the material things. I loved him for him, and all his flaws, but I guess he wasn’t wanting a relationship with me. It does feel good when you can depend on your boyfriend, but if that person isn’t there emotionally, being affectionate, or saying loving words, why are you with me? I didn’t care about the material things, I have been by myself for a very long time, I was independent. It just would of been nice to have someone to lean on, and say I am here.I watch T.V., and sometimes jealous to see couples have that connection, wondering what it’s like. Or the guy is buying them anything they want, but there not appreciative. Material things are okay, but if you don’t have the communication, affection, and on the same page, it won’t work.

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