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Hi you guys!!! I was driving home from work  today, and the music that came had the lyrics,  “My Favorite color is you, I want to feel something again.”  I started getting flash back of my ex or I had a longing for someone. Uggg!  He isn’t thinking of me like this. What are the red flags  to  look out for when you are in a relationship. I knew them, did I listen, nope..my heart was controlling me. I had the hope he was going to change, the hope. Some of the signs to look out for is: he has two phones, not really wanting to talk to you too much, he makes you cry all the time, don’t want to meet your family, or he says the most obvious, “I  don’t want to be in a committed relationship.” In the beginning it might be nice, but if the signs start showing, pay attention. It’s hard, when you are like half way through the year. I love the feeling of love, the romance. You can’t think of nothing of him, and you will buy his favorite food, drink, and do  pretty much anything he wants. The relationship has to go both ways.  He has to treat you the same, and respect you. I would say, wait at least a month, to see who he is.  I want to tell you a story, there was this woman who got married, she thought he loved her. Her family never met him. He used her to get his citizenship, and made her have low self esteem, so she wouldn’t run away, “who would want you.”  She left him, it took some time. That’s a red flag. If I guy is showing you a glass that’s full in  the beginning of a relationship, wait to see if the glass is half empty. Meaning,  they don’t show you their true selves until your half way into the relationship. If they disrespect you, don’t show you affection, no kind word, or think of themselves, he is showing you that the glass is really half empty. It took me awhile to get over the hurt, sometimes the hurt still lingers. I knew how mean he was treating me, and I still wanted to be with him, I was thinking of the good things and maybe he will change. I told him, ” I am beautiful,” one day while was sitting on the couch. He looked at me and smiled ” who told you, that you were beautiful.” I played it off, smile, but it hurt.  But really.. I am beautiful. lol  Just don’t give yourself fully, until he shows himself. Actions does speak louder.

If you have  a story you want to share or a subject I might had experience in, and want advice, you can contact me. Thank You for reading, and I hope I helped.

“Do not hold your breath for anyone,

do not wish your lungs to be still.

It may delay the cracks from spreading,

but eventually they will.

Sometimes to keep yourself together,

you must allow yourself to leave.

Even if breaking your own heart

Is what it takes to let you breath.”

by Erin Hanson.

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Photo by Burak Kebapci on Pexels.com

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