Get over it….

My mom asked when will I get over it. I am a single mom, and it was awhile since I was in a relationship. So this last guy, I was seeing almost a year, left me , wanting space, and then he comes back, and it’s my fault. He didn’t apologize, and he just comes back stringing me a long, just wanting one thing.  His personality and attitude changed and I saw it. He didn’t want to hang out, or spend time with me, but he wanted to come by at night. I will never allow him back in my life.  I am remembering the good and bad about him, and the bad outweighed the good. Because it’s been months, and I am asking, How do I get over it, the heavy heart, the sadness of a broken heart. My mom tells me, when are you going to be over it? Is there a time frame? What I am doing is keeping busy at work, reading history, my passion, and spending time with my little boy. I don’t  know what’s keeping me holding on, and just in a limbo. He hurt me so bad, I guess I am waiting for him to apologize which he won’t.  How do I get over it? I am not going to think of him, if I start thinking, I will change my mindset. What wold you do, to move on? My heart feels so heavy, and I can’t even say his name out loud. I guess I do have a broken heart. What you do, to move on from a broken heart? If you have ideas or stories you want to share, you can email me.

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