Date? or not to Date, That’s the Question.

I was watching this show about basketball wives, and this woman was going on a date, and sh said she didn’t know how to date. It’s been awhile for her. I could relate, because what is dating? If I like a guy, I go on a date and hope he calls me again. Do I go on other dates? When I like you, I am only seeing you. What is dating, I am kinda confused. You take me out, we have fun, laugh kiss, we see each other for a while. Do we sleep with each other? I am not, if you seeing multiple women. I just never that type to do that. My first relationship was when I was 18. It didn’t last. Then my relationship, lasted almost 5 years, I met him the first day, the next day he asked me to be his girlfriend. I don’t know how to date, I guess I am thinking of the old style dating. He is only interested in me, wants to and continue to see me, and see where it goes. One time, I met this guy at an airport, we started dating, I thought it was a relationship, later after we stop seeing each other, I found out I wasn’t the only one, what! I wonder, how can you can date multiple people, when you are not really taking the time in knowing the person. When I am interested in one person, it’s just that person I am seeing. What about You? How can guys date multiple people, and keep their emotions in check?? Let me know..I can’t do that.

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