Blast from the Past

What happens if one of your ex comes back, and resurface? What if they say,
” I have been kinda missing you.” What does it mean, when you haven’t heard from that person forever, and all of sudden a guy that did you wrong, comes back calling.  You already know the history of the person, do you want to go back to that? This guy texts me, and said he has been thinking about me a lot…hmm.  Long ago, I liked him and wanted to see where our relationship stood. He wasn’t giving me an answer, and he had someone else.  Years I haven’t heard from him, and yesterday he texted me. Wanting to say,  he truly was in love with me, but it scared me. He misses me. I asked him, ” Are you seeing anyone.” He is, and they are on the rocks. Every time I talk to him, he has someone. He can’t stay committed, and I don’t believe him. What do you think?

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