Are You the One?

Do you believe in soul mates? Do you think there is that one person for you. How do you know if that’s the person for you?  In my blog, I told you in my past relationship, he broke my heart. It’s been months now, and I do want to meet someone, but.. don’t know. I signed up on a dating site, I wasn’t feeling in choosing someone or doing it all over again, am I being picky? I don’t know.  There was one I was interested but I felt he was playing games. He said he sent questions, but I didn’t receive them. Then he was like,” can you just text,” meaning give me your number. Tip, if you want  someones number,  just ask!If you are playing stupid, your lying, and it tells me, it’s easy for you to lie.  Anyway, I watched this show last night, loooved it! Anyway, a group of friends that are really close, went to  a ski resort. Two new friends came the next day, to hang out.  The new guy saw one of the women in the group, and fell over heels for her. He is asking her friends for pointers. She is in the middle of a divorce, and he has a girlfriend. He told the audience (which is T.V. viewers)  right after his divorce, he waited for a little bit,  and when he was ready, started dating a friend. He went on and said, “There is only two people that made him take the word rational out the door.”  It was his ex-wife and this woman he just met. Throughout the show, he seems to keep talking to her and eyeing her. He did at the end of the show, ask her out on a date, and the woman knew he had a girlfriend, he told everyone in the group. She said, “what would your girlfriend think?” He said, ” Let me take care of that.” Hmmm.. can you love someone, but not really in love? I am thinking, he needs to be honest with himself, and cut the cord with his girlfriend. This woman and the guy did like each other, he wanted a kiss…but she said after the date. I love romance. It is possible to meet someone, and start waking you up inside.  You might love the person you are with, but you have to be honest with yourself, I think to be with someone forever, soul mate. It comes on next week, I will keep you posted in what happens.

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