Rainy Day

Today, wasn’t a bad day. It’s been raining all day. I love the rain, something about it, is calming. It washes everything away, and makes everything grow. I love it! I started to think of my last boyfriend, and I started crying, just  a little. It’s amazing how someone,  can drop you, like you were nothing. I llove history,and I am studying history. I love the photos of the past, to the stories, to the documentaries. I wrote this blog, to hopefully help someone, and it’s helping me, move on from the hurt. At first, I didn’t want to meet anyone, but now I think I am ready. I do want that feeling inside, the feeling I can’t wait to hear his voice, or talk to him. What are the great qualities you want in your life partner? I will write a post at the end of next week. Thank You for reading!

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